Thursday, January 26, 2012

I {LOVE} Glitter!

I went to Michaels and finally bit the bullet and bought the Martha Stewart Glitter Glue Pens I've been drooling over for the past couple of months. So I walk over to the amazing Martha Stewart EVERYTHING display and there it is. My favorite thing in the world. A SALE sign! 40% off, yup I just said 40% OFF! So I snatched up that glitter and headed for the check out and drove like a mad woman home because I couldn't wait to play with my new glitter!

I've been swooning over these really cute ombre gillter nails on Pinterest and I knew this was my first glitter project I wanted to try.
Pic by via Pinterest
The first thing I did was two coats of a base color. I chose a color called French Latte.

Next I picked a Copper becuase I thought it went well with French Latte.

I applied the glitter more intense towards the tips and lightly moved my way up. After the glue dried I applied two coats of a top coat and I was good to go! I just love this look.

Let me know what projects you would like to do with glitter!

Happy Glittering!

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