Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coach Saban...Bronzed!

photo via The Birmingham News
 So the University of Alabama unveiled the new Coach Saban Statue at the Walk of Champions during the A-day game festivities this past weekend. I first saw a mock up of the statue a couple of months ago and boy did he ever look angry.

photo via MrSEC.com
I have mixed feelings about this statue. First I do not like the pose. I think if your going to make a statue of a coach it should be the boring, dignified pose with the subject in a suit, just like the Gene Stallings and Bear Bryant statues. Nothing crazy. Keep it simple. Second, he looks pissed off. Granted this is really what Coach Saban looks like during football season, but why does it have to be commemorated in bronze? That's what You Tube is for. I wonder if Saban had approval? He had to of, right?

The jokes are coming out in full force via the internet. I've read a couple and I must admit they're pretty funny. My favorite is the comparison with Han Solo.

Also loving Terracotta Solider # 1,157

Photo via O. Louis Mazzatenta/NGS Image Collection

Well it is what it is. In true Coach Saban fashion, he's not going to take all the credit. "This statue's going to represent what that team accomplished," Saban said. "Their names are all going to be on the national championship plaque in the sidewalk so that someday their children can come back and say, 'See, my dad was part of that team. My dad did something special for the university that will live on forever.'"

Roll Tide Roll!

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  1. This statute is hilarious! I grew up in a Tennessee Vol family and converted to UK for my husband so we are both SEC fans...does that count?? We do go for the SEC in championship games as UK fans...my family..not so much!