Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beer Review Wednesday ~ Stoudt's Pils

The BF and I made a trip to the beer store this weekend and I'm excited to say we got a ton of beers that I am dying to try {YIPEE}! This week I am reviewing a German Style Pilsner from Stoudt's. So the first thing I noticed (after the label) was the spelling of Pilsner, they spelled it Pilsener. This of course drove me nuts and I had to research it. There apparently are two spellings of the word and either is acceptable but I prefer PILSNER so that's the way I'm going to spell it. I know...but some details drive me nuts.

I went to the Stoudt's website and I must say this isn't just a brewery, these people have a small compound! There's an antique shop, a restaurant, market, event space for weddings and such, oh and of course a brewery. Impressive. But anyway, back to the beer, here we go with the PILSNER review.
Stoudt's Brewing Company, Pennsylvania - Stoudt's Pils
Serving type:  Bottle poured into an  ALABAMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS pint glass. I know I should have used a Pilsner glass but I'm working on that.

Appearance: Light gold/straw color. Clear with medium head. It didn't produce as big of a head as I'm used to seeing in a Pils.

Smell: A slight sweet smell with a hint of hops. This Pils doesn't have much of an aroma.

Taste: Light, crisp with a slight hop flavor with a slight bitter aftertaste.

Mouthfeel: Great carbonation, light body with a dry finish.

Overall: Very easy to drink and a pretty good Pilsner! This is another great beer for the summer and I'm glad I ventured out to try some new brands. This isn't my favorite Pils EVER but I would definitely drink this one again. So far Sam Adams Noble Pils is my fav American Pilsner but I'm looking for new ones to try!

I bought my Stoudt's Pils at Stone River Total Beverages in Murfreesboro, TN. I went to Stoudt's website to find other locations but apparently they haven't updated it lately because it's showing no distribution in TN.

If you find Stoudt's in your area please leave a comment and spread the love! Also let me know of any other great Pilsners I can try!

Happy Wednesday!

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