Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beer Review Wednesday ~ Hop Project Ale

I am in love with hops! Since I've started following craft beer blogs and drinking more craft beers in the past year, I keep seeing the term Hop Head come up.  So I decided to consult the Urban Dictionary to see what the "official" definition is and here's what I found.

Hop-head: Someone who enjoys really hoppy beers, or drinks hoppy beers exclusively. Most likely this person is a beer-geek or craft-brew drinker.
Hops are what give beer the Citrusy, Piney, or sometimes what bring out the Herbal or Fruity flavors.
Man, that Stone Ruination IPA turned me into a true Hop-head.

So I guess it is official. My name is Bianca and I am a Hop Head. So here's my first beer review as a proclaimed Hop Head!

Yazoo Brewing Company, Tennessee - Hop Project Ale
Serving type:  Bottle poured into an  ALABAMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS pint glass.

Appearance: Beautiful amber color. Clear with small head.

Smell: A sweet citrus/grapefruit smell with a hint of hops. Smells soooo good!
Taste: Sweet almost caramel taste with grapefruit/citrus yummy-ness! I am soo in love with this beer I'm tongue tied!

Mouthfeel: Medium carbonation, medium body with a dry finish.

Overall: Great beer!  Definitely one of my favorite Ales/IPA! If you check the bottle on date and then go to the Yazoo blog, they will tell you the specific hops used in that batch. How exciting is that?! I didn't find out about this cool feature until after I threw the bottle away but check this feature out when you get your bottle.
I bought my Hop Project Ale at Stone River Total Beverages in Murfreesboro, TN.  Visit Yazoo's website to learn a little more about the brewery. They do not have a "find our beer" search option on their site but you could probably email them to see what areas they cover.
Happy Wednesday Thursday!

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  1. sounds like a good one!

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