Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Game of the Century!

Saturday is THE day! #1 ranked LSU faces #2 ranked Alabama in Tuscaloosa. It is literally going to be the biggest game this year maybe even in the history of college football!. Forget the BCS National Championship, THIS is the National Championship!

The media has been in Tuscaloosa setting up since Tuesday. There's a line that started at 8 am Thursday morning for Coach Saban's radio show that evening. NFL scouts are going to be all over this game. Lebron James, Little Wayne, Condoleezza Rice, Shaq, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Kanye West, Charlie Sheen, Sela Ward (Former Bama Cheerleader), Leonardo Dicaprio, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Kenny Chesney are all expected to attend the game and that's the short list! For pete's sake even has a article about the game on their website! Is there going to be enough room in Tuscaloosa? Can you imagine what the Tuscaloosa airport is going to look like with all the Gulfstreams parked that day?

I saw this poster on Facebook on Thursday. Trent looks like he's ready to kick some butt!

Pic from via Facebook
This game will be epic. Regardless of who wins, these are two of the best teams in college football. I fully expect all of you to be glued to your TV's at 7 pm central because this is a game that people will be talking about for years to come!


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