Monday, March 14, 2011

Recession Beer

This weekend I went to Walgreen's just to pick up some essentials and Michael came across this beer called Big Flats 1901. Was it a fancy label or a unique bottle shape that caught his eye? Nope, it was the price. $2.99 for a six pack. Yup, you read that correctly, $2.99 for a six pack of cold beer. What a nice surprise when the gas prices are inching towards $4/gallon. I was super sceptical, but Michael was gun ho on giving it a try so we swooped up a six pack and headed on our way.

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So last night we decided to crack open a can. The label said "Lager Beer" so this looked like it had some potential. I sniffed the beer and it smelled like it would be more of a Bud Light type beer (some much for LAGER) and then I gave it a taste. Um....gross. It was like flavored water. It tasted more like a Natural Light type beer.

We were disappointed but then again I guess you get what you pay for. We poured it out and now I'm stuck with 5 ickey beers. Anyone know any college students I can donate this to?

Good try Walgreen's but I am definitely willing to walk, ride a bike or clip some coupons to save some money before I skip out on a decent beer.

Happy Monday!

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