Monday, March 7, 2011

Martha Bakes...success!

So last weekend I attempted to try a pound cake recipe that was on my favorite show "Martha Bakes" a couple of weeks ago. If you haven't seen this show, set your DVR right now! Every Monday on the Hallmark Channel, Martha Stewart gives a basic recipe like pound cake, cheesecake, etc and then does a couple of variations of the recipe.

In the pound cake episode she did a classic pound cake, Meyer Lemon pound cake, cream cheese pound cake and a Semolina cake. I decided to try the cream cheese pound cake recipe and it was amazing!

I could have eaten that whole bowl of batter!

I couldn't find my pound cake pan so I had to improvise with the aluminum pan and some smaller molds I had.

Don't forget to flour the pans!

The smaller molds obviously didn't take as long at the larger pan. Everything was so good and so easy. I totally recommend giving this recipe a try!

Happy Monday!


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