Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kitchen Disaster

So Bianca Bakes Day was a no go!

I attempted to make these super cute Heart Shaped Whoopie Pies...

Photo @

and I got these...

Yes, I know exactly what they look like. I followed all the directions but somewhere in the receipe they forgot to tell me when to add the food coloring. So I had to add the food coloring after the fact and then I over mixed the batter (not good).

BUT I redeemed myself by cooking up this delicious Turkey Sausage Lasagna receipe I got from The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten !

I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take a picture before I dug in!

making the sauce

ricotta, feta and parmesan cheese mixture

soaking the noodles

pile of delicious sliced mozzarella

It's really easy and it soooo gooood!

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  1. What did the "pies" taste like? Did they at least taste ok?? Cause...well.. you