Friday, February 18, 2011

Tide for Toomers

As most of you know, some douche bag known as "Al from Dadeville" poisoned Auburn's beloved Toomer's Corner oak trees. Unfortunately that dumb ass was also an Alabama fan. Regardless if your blood runs crimson, navy, orange or polka dot, this act was unconscionable. I might not understand why you crazy Aubies throw toilet paper on these beautiful old oak tress but it is a tradition. Tradition is what makes college football great.

photo @ Associated Press

Thursday night a group of Alabama alumni and students got together and formed the facebook page Tide for Toomer's to help raise money to save the beautiful live oaks at Toomer's Corner. Please read the open letter under the info button on their facebook page. Total class acts.

Less than 24 hours into their endeavour they have over 15,000 "likes" and have raised over $6,000. Please visit their page and make a donation.

Roll Tide,

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  1. as of today they are up to $36,800 with over 55,700 fans. INSANE! Roll Tide!