Monday, June 20, 2011

BACON!!! (kinda)

My health conscious and food curious friend, Miranda, just introduced me to the most contradictory food product I've ever heard of. Veggie Bacon. Yup, Veggie. Bacon.

pic via
Morning Star Farms, the same peeps that brought you the Veggie Burger, have now brought you Veggie Bacon. Hmmm... I just don't know what to think. If it tastes and looks like bacon, why not just eat BACON? Sure it's fatty and not good for you in large portions but neither are a lot of things. If you have a huge aversion to eating real meat then why eat colored soy beans, pressed into the shape of meat that tastes like meat? Just stick to your veggies, right?!

So I tried it the other day and it tasted pretty decent. It actually tastes a lot like turkey bacon. It's not something I would rush to the store to buy but again if you have an aversion to real meat, this bacon is for you.

If you visit the Morning Star Farms website (click here) there's a $1 off coupon. Let me know what you think about "impostor" bacon.

Happy Monday!


  1. Well I do have an aversion to meat but for me it is really not by choice anymore. I've tried to bring it back into my diet but my digestive system doesn't agree.. So MorningStar Farm products fill my freezer! I'm not sure about your other readers but I know I enjoy the flavor of bacon! I have yet to try this but I will now!

  2. well a long time ago in the Tammy years of college this was a product used often. As noted it is a bacon-like substance. Bout the best I can do on a description. If you like, try the morning star chicken patties as well. The burgers are not worth your time unless you think bubba burgers are gourmet.