Monday, June 13, 2011

Beer and Bacon Pancakes!

Yup, you read that correctly. Beer and Bacon Pancakes! I stumbled across this recipe thanks to my Mom. The second I laid my eyes on this amazing combination I could not wait to give it a try and I am happy to say it did not disappoint.

The recipe came from the Betty Crocker website and on their site they are called MANcakes. So if you read this blog you've come to realize that beer, bacon and football aren't just for men! So in that case I'll just called them what they are...PANCAKES!

There's a great how-to video on the Betty Crocker website that shows the whole process but honestly it's super easy, especially with the Bisquick mix.

First things first, the Bacon! This is probably what takes the longest but for me it makes the pancakes. Take about 8 or so strips of bacon, place them on a baking sheet and sprinkle them with brown sugar. I know, it's {DELICIOUS!} The bacon cooks for a total of about 30 minutes and it brings the most amazing aroma to the kitchen! What a great way to wake up in the morning.

Next you mix together the Bisquick mix, 2 eggs and a cup of your favorite beer. I used a light beer because it's what I had on hand but I think a lager like Yuengling or Abita Amber would be super yummy!

Then crumble up the candied bacon and add it to your pancake mix.

Then make your pancakes!

It's just that simple! and bacon heaven!

Happy Monday!


  1. now you just need to find some way to adapt sweet water blue into syrup. :-)