Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beer Review Wednesday ~ Pranqster

The BP gas station by my house has a really great beer selection. I picked up a couple of beers to review and honestly, I just pick purely on looks (I know...I'm shallow but I LOVE cool looking labels).  The label on this beer caught my eye because all these guys look like they're having a good time. Hope I look this happy after I give this beer a try.

North Coast Brewing Company, California - Pranqster Belgian Style Golden Ale

Serving type:  Bottle poured into a pint glass

Appearance: Dark amber/orange color, very cloudy when poured, small head. I really am not a fan of cloudy beer so I'm already a little apprehensive.

Smell: Sweet, yeasty, spicy and a little citrusy. It smells good, maybe a little to spicy but I'm up for it.

Taste: Bitter, orange, spicy. I'm not overly loving this beer.

Mouthfeel: Good carbonation, bitter after taste, creamy, medium body. Nope still not excited about it.

Overall: This type beer is not for me. It's a little too bitter and spicy for me. It might be good served with something sweet like Mango glazed fish. I definitely would only have one with dinner.

Pranqster has all the qualities of a great beer but for me it's just a matter of preference. This beer has definitely been rated pretty highly. Try it out for yourself.

I bought this beer at the BP in Five Points in Huntsville. Here's where you can get this beer near you.

Happy Wednesday!

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