Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beer Review Wednesday - Noble Pils

I LOVE a good Pilsner. It reminds me of Germany. I can just imagine myself drinking out of a Pilsner glass with the little paper wrap on the stem of the glass, sitting in a Biergarten with some Deutscher Volksmusik playing in the background. Aaahh...PARADISE!

I hope this Pilsner doesn't disappoint.

Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams), Massachusetts- Noble Pils

Serving type:  Bottle poured into a pint glass

Appearance: Golden, bright and clear when poured, good head. This beer looks like a perfect Pilsner when poured, so excited to try it!

Smell: Sweet, citrus and hops. It smells good, so ready to taste this beer!

Taste: YUM! Smooth, light body. Very refreshing.

Mouthfeel: Good carbonation with a little bit of an after taste.

Overall: GREAT beer, perfect for summer. It's amazing how food and drink can bring up some great memories. This one is definitely worth a try especially if a lighter beer is your thing.

I bought this beer at the Kroger on Oakwood in Huntsville. They have a "build your own six pack" section that is pretty good for a grocery store. Here's where you can get this beer near you


  1. Bianca - check out these beers (You can get them at Chans near the Mid Bay Bridge next time you are down)


  2. I've had the lindemans framboise lambic ale and it tasted like a wine cooler to me? I like a nice fruity beer, but that was too fruity. I'll have to try the Piraat ale. Piraats hold a special place in my heart :)